Baahubali and Baahubali 2, directed by Rajamouli, have set new records at the box office.Due to the craze that came with the Bahubali series of films, the remuneration along with the Prabhas market also increased unexpectedly.News is coming that Charan has already increased his reward while playing Charan and NTR heroes in the RRR movie.According to Bogatta, Charan is being paid Rs 100 crore for each film.

It is heard that producers have already paid Rs 200 crore to Charan for the two films.While the NTR remuneration for an RRR film is Rs 45 crore, will Tarak also increase the remuneration to Rs 100 crore? Questions are being asked.NTR future films are coming out in the combination of Koratala Shiva and Prashant Neil.Following the release of NTR Koratala Shiva combo movie Yuvasudha Arts banner along with NTR Arts banner, NTR is likely to take a share in the profits of the film instead of rewarding it.

There is a chance that Clarity will come about the NTR reward with the on-screen film directed by Prashant Neil.It can be said that NTR Remuneration will be fixed depending on the offers coming after the release of RRR.In the case of NTR stories, he stepping carefully in the case of directors.NTR is planning a career so that future films can also be successful.If he like the story, Young Tiger will also make an NTR entry into the Bollywood industry.

Tarak played the role of Komuram Bhim in the movie RRR. NTR has been known to be limited to this film for the last three years.Tarak hopes that the difficulty with this film will pay off. It remains to be seen what kind of result RRR Movie will receive at the box office.It remains to be seen whether Tarak will soon join the list of heroes who will be rewarded with Rs 100 crore.

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