Archaeologist appeals to govt. to protect them

Five sculptures of Kakatiya era are in utter neglect near a temple tank at Duddeda village in Siddipet district.

E. Sivanagireddy, archaeologist and CEO, Pleach Infia foundation, arrived at the site on Sunday, based on information given by Ahobilam Karunakar, Samaleti Mahesh and Md. Naseeruddin, members of the New Telangana History group led by Sriramoju Haragopal.

Dr. Reddy, after a thorough survey, said they include two Devi sculptures, Chennakesava, Venugopala and Bhairava — all belonging to the 13th and 14th centuries, representing the Kakatiya style of art.

‘Fine workmanship’

The Chennakesava sculpture with exuberant ornamentation and typical iconography was a masterpiece of the Kakatiya art. The same was the case with Venugopala and Bhairava sculptures, he said.

Dr. Reddy said there was an extensive list of inscriptions of Kakatiya Prataprudra, dated 1296 AD., based on which it could be said that these sculptures of fine workmanship belonged to the flourishing phase of the Kakatiya art.

Dr. Reddy sensitised the local residents on the historical importance of the sculptures which are testimonials to the talent of the Kakatiya craftsmen. He urged the government to protect them for posterity by shifting them inside the temple premises.

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