Civic body will remove them after June 15 and impose fine on parties concerned

The Kozhikode Corporation ordered the removal of all unauthorised hoardings in the city by June 15, failing which the civic body would do the same and charge the parties concerned for the expenses incurred.

Corporation Secretary K.U. Bini said the order was based on a decision taken by the Corporation Council recently to remove all hoardings that may pose a danger to the public during the monsoon. It also applies to all hoardings that have been erected without the Corporation’s permission. “The Corporation gives permission to hoardings only after analysing the structural stability and ensuring safety. Hence, most hoardings that may be in danger during the rain could be unauthorised,” said Ms. Bini.

The unauthorised and dangerous hoardings include those erected as part of the recent Assembly poll campaigns. Those who erected them should remove them by June 15, after which the Corporation will send out squads to remove them. The expenses incurred by the squads will be charged from those who put up the hoardings. “We will serve them a notice to pay the fine. If they fail, we will proceed with revenue recovery,” said Ms. Bini.

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