Emergency repair work begins, to be over by Tuesday morning

The Kerala Water Authority (KWA) on Monday launched emergency repairs on a 700 mm premo water distribution pipeline which sprung a leak at Sasthamangalam.

The pipeline, which links the water tank of the KWA at PTP Nagar and the tank at Observatory Hills at Vellayambalam, passes under the Sasthamangalam-Vellayambalam road.

The repairs, which involved digging on one lane of the road at the Sasthamangalam end, began on Monday evening. It was expected to be completed by Tuesday morning, so as to avoid causing traffic snarls on the busy road. Supply to the Palayam area was likely to be affected due to the work, but it would be restored soon, according to KWA officials. After the pipeline sprung the leak, water had been oozing out on to the road in a steady stream.

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