Meera Mitun is popular for making the headlines by commenting on various issues and tagging renowned personalities such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Edappadi K Palaniswami and others in her tweets.  This time Meera Mithun is targeting South beauty Trisha Krishnan.

Recently,  Meera Mitun accused the 96 actress of ‘copying’ her and warned of taking legal action against her. Meera Mitun took to her Twitter and wrote, “This is gonna be my last warning to you Trisha Krishnan. Next time I see, you photoshop your photographs with features of mine including hair, morphing to, look like me, you will be under serious legal allegation . You know what you are doing, Well your conscience knows.” Now the actress Meera Mitun is being trolled on social media for her tweet. few comments are as follows:

 Gunashree: It’s a nice joke. Carry on. She @trishtrashers not even gonna bother this. Stop comparing yourself with her. She’s a gem.

 Karthijeet: Get life Meera.. Please don’t bark all days in twitter.. just go #trisha home, she will feed you also along with street puppies

 Unknown buddy: U r like a barking dog at sun, Trisha is not even know tat u r exist…

 Sanch: You’re out of your mind lady,grow up

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