Liger is an upcoming Pan Indian film which is bringing Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday together on the screen. Few days ago, the makers of Liger released the trailer  which has become one of the most viewed trailers in Tollywood within 24 hours for Tier 2 Hero.  Yes, you read that right. The film Liger  got a whopping 16.80M  views and 561K likes on YouTube in just one day.  Yesterday the theatrical trailer of the film Macharla Niyojakavargam  starring Nithiin got released. It promised a fabulous entertainer with all the commercial aspects. Nithiin looked dazzling as district collector Siddarth Reddy of Macherla who gets into a face-off with Rajappa.  The trailer has got 13.11M views in 24 hours.

 List of Tollywood Tier 2 Hero’s Most Liked Trailers in 24hrs

Liger – 561K

Bimbisara Trailer 2 – 367.7K

Love Story: 342K

Republic: 324.7K

Shyam Singha Roy : 302.8K

Bimbisara – 299.7K

Check: 258K

Macharla NiyojakaVargam – 247K

Dear Comrade: 234K

Tollywood Tier 2 Hero’s Most Viewed Trailers in 24hrs

LIGER – 16.80M

Macharla Niyojakavargam – 13.11M

Bimbisara Trailer 2 – 12.30M

The Warriorr – 10.53M

Bimbisara – 9.78M

Ante Sundaraniki – 9.39M

Aranya – 8.32M

V The Movie- 7.45M

Tuck Jagadish – 7.28M

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