Today, beauty and wellness columnist, Vasudha Rai speaks to Lovneet Batra on dietary approaches to women’s health. Lovneet has almost a decade’s experience as a clinical nutritionist. She runs her own nutritional consultancy, Arbhavya, and consults with Fortis La Femme in Delhi. Among other things she has also consulted with the Indian teams for the Common Wealth and Asian Games; and is a visiting faculty at IHM Pusa, in Delhi.

Rai will be speaking from her personal experience with endometriosis. Lovneet offers simple solutions such as the addition of figs to balance conditions of estrogen dominance. This Sunday, the two will talk about common conditions such as PCOD, PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid and hormone imbalance. The Delhi-based nutritionist will share simple plans, and talk about morning infusions, herbs, spices and practices that help bring the hormones back into balance. Send us your questions and we will add them to the conversation. 

Catch the session live on Instagram on @thehinduweekend. On May 10, 5 pm IST 

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