Om Birla extends Zero Hour and delays lunch break

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla came in for much praise when he allowed first-time MPs extra time by extending the Zero Hour and even delaying lunch break to 2.30 p.m. on Wednesday.

The Speaker too opted to sit through the proceedings which prompted Trinamool leader Saugata Roy to say: “I congratulate you on how you have forgotten your hunger pangs so that younger members get a chance to speak. You are an example on how work should be conducted.” The time allocated was used by not only first time MPs but others too. Professor Roy said: “I would like to highlight the lynching incidents that are happening in the country where in the most recent case the victim was kept in the police station and taken to the hospital almost half dead. This is nothing but cold-blooded murder. This is a blot on humanity.’’

In her maiden speech, Mimi Chakraborty sought the blessings of the House and spoke of the need for infrastructure development in her constituency.

Heena V. Gait highlighted the need to curb ragging, saying it allegedly caused the death of a medical student in Maharashtra.

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