‘Thiruvonathoni’ participants to be limited to 40, just 3 snake-boats for boat race

The Thiruvonathoni procession in Aranmula will witness restricted celebrations for the second year in a row with the authorities on Tuesday deciding to limit the number of participants to 40.

A decision to conduct the rituals, including the Thiruvonathoni procession, Uthrattathi boat race and the Ashtamirohini Vallasadya, with limited number of participants was taken at a meeting convened by Health Minister Veena George. District Collector Divya S. Iyer and representatives of all 52 ‘palliyoda’ committees too attended the online meeting.

Addressing the meeting, the Minister said all participants should have received at least one dose of vaccine and undergone RT-PCR test prior to attending the ritual.

Three ‘palliyodams’ (snake-boats) will accompany the Thiruvonathoni during its 10-hour journey. The rowers will not be permitted to go ashore. The snake-boats, representing the three zones of palliyoda committees, will be permitted to take on board a maximum of 40 persons.

The snake-boats attending the event will be selected by draw of lots, which will be held at the Aranmula Parthasarathy temple on July 26.

Not open to public

The boat race will be held symbolically with just three snake-boats taking part in the event. None of these events will be open to the public. A decision on holding the Vallasadya will be made later in accordance with the prevailing COVID-19 situation.

The Thiruvonathoni, which leaves the Kattoor Mahavishnu temple on August 20, will be accorded a reception at Aranmula on August 21.The Uthruttathi boat race will be on August 25.

Meanwhile, the Collector has given permission to hold the elections to the Palliyoda Seva Sangham committee on August 1 in strict adherence with the COVID-19 guidelines.

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