The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is soon expected to release quality standards for solar pumps and pumping systems.

V. Krishnakumar, president of the Southern India Engineering Manufacturers’ Association, said that the association had given its suggestions to the BIS. The pumping system includes materials for construction of pumps, control panels, etc.

“We have taken into account all factors and technical details, and given inputs that will benefit the pump manufacturers.”

With the introduction of standards, product quality and specifications would be regulated.

Currently, there are no uniform standards or specifications followed even in government tenders for solar pumps. The pumpset manufacturers mostly sell pumps to farmers or integrators, who install the solar energy systems and the pumps together. The cost of solar pumps is high and is not attractive, especially in States where there is subsidised or free power supply for agriculture, Mr. Krishnakumar said. However, for farmers in places where there is no grid supply, these solar pumps are appealing, he added.

The aim of the standardisation effort is also to improve the efficiency of the pumps that run on solar energy.

Grid load

The government wants to reduce the load on the grid. Hence, there are several efforts to tap solar energy. If a solar pumpset now runs for seven hours a day, with improved efficiency it can operate for longer hours during day time.

In the coming years, this initiative can also lead to development of Bureau of Energy Efficiency standards for solar pumps, he added.

There are no uniform standards even in govt. tenders for solar pumpsets

V. Krishnakumar,President, Southern India Engineering Manufacturers’ Association

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