Total collection from these properties could run into crores

The GHMC is all set to hold hearings for resolution of grievances related to property tax, in the expectation of better tax collection, but several properties are yet to be given demand notices in the city, less than a month to the deadline.

GHMC Commissioner M. Dana Kishore asked the officials to meet the property tax collection targets by March 15 this year, in view of notification for parliamentary elections which is due any time now.

However, about 50,000 properties across the circle show zero demand, which means that the property owners have not been issued demand notices, which is a requirement for collection of property tax.

All these properties, however, have been assigned the Property Tax Identification (PTI) numbers, a unique 10-digit number assigned to each house, or apartment or commercial building which has been assessed for tax purpose. The total collection from these properties could run into several crores of rupees, say officials.


A few months ago, notices were sent to all the Deputy Commissioners, with details of the properties with zero demand, asking them to expedite the generation of demand and collection of tax. However, the properties still show zero demand online.

Additional Commissioner (Revenue) Adwait Kumar Singh said GHMC is seized of the matter, and the deputy commissioners have been instructed for timely collection of tax.

PTI numbers have been allotted twice to some properties owing to technical snags, and the Centre for Good Governance (CGG), which has been dealing with the online demand generation and payment system, has brought it to the notice of the corporation.

“Our DCs have been instructed to verify existence of the property on the ground, and generate demands as soon as possible. They are on the job, and we are confident that we can meet the targets by the deadline,” Mr. Singh said.

The GHMC has set the target for property tax collection at ₹1,500 crore, and the amount of tax collected so far stands at ₹976 crore.

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