The fact that music could be used to portray emotions on screen, often replacing speech, still fascinates us. From moving to manipulative, now it is almost impossible for us to imagine films without music. But there was a time when silent films were played in theatres and a live orchestra played alongside to convey the deeper emotions of the protagonists on the screen. Reinventing the joys of the uncluttered past, ‘Cinema in Concert’ promises a similar immersive experience wherein short films are accompanied by live music played by artistes. This week in Delhi, Dinara Klinton, the acclaimed London-based pianist, is all set to delight her audience with
Magic Piano and the Chopin Shorts

Born in Ukraine, Klinton’s musical career began at the age of four, when her mother, a pianist herself, discovered her flair for the instrument. “I had a piano at home. My mother was the one who encouraged me and took me to my first teacher. She was always on my back, asking me to practice. She knew how much one had to practice to achieve something. By the age of six, I was already able to play some great pieces,” says the musician. Later, she went on to study at the Royal College of Music, London. She released her debut album,
Music of Chopin and Liszt
at the age of 16. But unlike a recital, providing live music has been a completely different experience for Dinara. “At a recital, I am on my own. I can decide the how I play and what I play but here I have to synchronise with the scene of the movie, pay close attention to the pace to match the scene, etc. In earlier times, people did the recording first and then the film was shot but I have to do the reverse action. It is a little bit like the ballet,” chuckles Klinton.

The film,
Magic Piano
, is an animated one that tells the adventurous journey of Anna and Chip-Chop, upon the discovery of a magical, flying piano. The music is Chopin Shorts, of the iconic Polish composer of the Romantic period, Frederic Chopin. It will be followed by five other short, animated films of 2-3 minutes, set to Chopin Etudes. Klinton, an admirer of Chopin, will be recreating these tunes with her instrument.

New art

“About five years ago, I was contacted by the
Magic Piano
team. I was already playing the Chopin Shorts then, I had them at my fingers. The music here is the speech to the scenes in the movie. I had to watch the movie a number of times after they sent me the DVD, to see what the movie was like. It was a very new thing for me at that time but also very interesting. It was being introduced for some new audiences at that time. Even kids, who were new to this, saw this as an art. These are stories for people of any age, really. These are masterpieces that were made in the 19th Century,” she adds.

As part of her first tour in India, Klinton already performed in Mumbai recently. The performance in Delhi will be followed by performances in Kolkata and Bengaluru, in auditoriums as well as schools.

“Magic Piano and the Chopin Shorts” will be organised by Showhouse Events at Kamani Auditorium on July 28 at 6 p.m.

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