Vishwak Sen, Vikas Vashishta   (Hero)
Priya Vadlamani, Ayesha Khan  (Heroine)
Chaitanya Rao     (Cast)
Gangadhar           (Director)
Pradeep Yadav – Mohan Yella  (Producer)
Kalabhairava          (Music)
Srinivas Bejugam   (Cinematography)

Rating: 1.5/5

“Mukhachitram” is a story-screenplay-words by director Sandeep Raj who won the National Award for “Colour Photo”. Directed by Gangadhar, the movie stars “Cinema Bandi” fame Vikas Vashishta and “Hushaaru” fame Priya Vadlamani. This film, which aroused interest with the trailer, came to the audience today (December 09). Let’s see how the movie is..!!

Story: Handsome Dr. Raj Kumar (Vikas Vashishta) in Hyderabad, Mahati (Priya Vadlamani), an innocent girl who grew up in Vijayawada giving tuitions in her father’s womb, Maya (Ayesha Khan), a modern girl who writes blogs and tries to become a director.

The origin story is how a love triangle between these three changed Mahati’s life. Plastic surgery is the turning point of that story. What does this triangle love story have to do with plastic surgery? To know that, you have to see the “Mukhachitram”.

Actors Performance: Vikas Vashishta, who impressed as an innocent auto driver in the film Bandi, entertains in a character with a negative shade as Rajkumar in this film. His voice is a big plus point for him. He showed elegance in his eyes and voice.

Priya Vadlamani looks good in a character with two different shades. Mahati was a bit embarrassed but Maya got involved. As a lawyer, Ravi Shankar dusted the screen with his own style. Vishwak Sen’s cameo as a first case lawyer did not work as expected. Ayesha Khan as Maya Fernandez and Chaitanya Rao in the role of friend did justice to their roles.

Technical Performance: First of all it took a long time to digest the fact that Kalabhairava is the music director of the film. Among the films he has worked till date.. “Mukhachitram” can be mentioned as the only film without his trademark background music.

Srinivas’ cinematography is just right for the project & budget. He was very careful not to get a cinematic feel anywhere. Pawan Kalyan’s editing also matches the cinematography. Jump cuts also try their best to create a special effect feel.

Story-screenplay-lyrics by Sandeep Raj.. Although the topic chosen is good, the way it is dealt with is ridiculous. This is the best example of how a serious issue can be affected by a rush for unnecessary rhymes, especially in the Trivikram range. Locks to the house.. Passwords to emails, cases in the court.. There are many rhymes like dosas in the house in the film. The pace of the story is set in the circles of these rhymes. And the less we talk about logicians, the better.

I don’t know if the director Gangadhar couldn’t connect the concept, or if he couldn’t conceive the seriousness of the issue on the screen, but he failed like hell in elevating the emotions on the screen. As a storyteller, Sandeep Raj came with top marks, but as a director, Gangadhar failed.

Analysis: When questioning the wrongs happening in the society.. It is not enough to be honest in the story, there must be honesty in the story and accuracy of the character. In its absence the question has no value, the answer no justification. So.. the “Mukhachitram” remains as Simmia who missed the goal.

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