Having watched two animation films–
Isle of Dogs
Hanuman vs Mahiravana–
in less than 24 hours it’s impossible, though unfair, not to find the latter’s flaws glaring in comparison.

claims to have been made with “cutting edge technology, high-end animation and VFX” yet none of it can mask the sheer lack of imagination and vision behind it.

The tale of Hanuman saving Ram and Lakshman from Mahiravana, the sorcerer brother of Ravana, gets told with hardly any inventiveness. There is a persistent flatness, in both the visuals and the telling. As usual for the subject the makers take recourse to mythology but instead of bringing out the layers and complexity they don’t go beyond scratching the surface. In addressing the core audience — the children–one doesn’t necessarily need to be kiddish. Even the simple and straightforward can come with a sense of maturity. In effect not a single character–and most of them we are already familiar with — leaves a strong impression. They don’t have a distinct personality to make them memorable whereas a Jack-Jack from
Incredibles 2
which was released a few weeks back is still fresh on the mind.

Far from being immersive and fascinating, as 3D is wont to,
can’t rise above being dull and lacklustre. Reading anAmar Chitra Kathawould probably be more enchanting.

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