Fireworks manufacturers and workers association have urged district administration to allow reopening of fireworks units to help around 8 lakh workers get their livelihood.

In a memorandum addressed to the Collector R. Kannan, president of Tamil Nadu Fireworks and Amorces Manufacturers’ Association P. Ganesan said that closure of 1,070 fireworks units since June 10 led to lot of financial sufferings to the workers.

“Opening of the units will be the only solution to save the lives of 3 lakh workers directly and five lakh workers indirectly employed by the industry,” Mr. Ganesan said.

Meanwhile, Virudhunagar District Fireworks and Match unit Workers Association said that the lives of fireworks workers were in dire straits due to closure of factories as neither the Government nor the manufacturers have given any relief to jobless workers.

Pointing out that match units were allowed to work with 50% workforce, CITU district secretary, P.N. Deva, said that similar concession should be given to the fireworks workers too.

TANFAMA has promised that adequate social distancing was possible in the fireworks units and in buses used to pick up and drop the workers. The units can be sanitised before and after the work every day. Wearing of masks and hand sanitisation will be ensured along with thermal scanning of workers before they report for duty.

Besides, the factories can organise vaccination camps in their units in association with the health officials, he said.

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