Five police personnel died on COIVD-19 duty

Anantapur police detected some key crimes in the district in the current year, boosting the morale of the force, though the loss of five frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic duties had cast a shadow and brought caution among the personnel.

While there was a general decline in the overall crime rate during 2020, the nabbing of accused within 24 hours in the SBI outsourced employee Snehalatha case, or the unearthing of a huge quantum of silver (80 kg) and gold (2.5 kg) from a Treasury employee, at a time when the police were searching for guns or firearms, gave professional satisfaction to the force, said Superintendent of Police B. Satya Yesu Babu at the annual briefing on Wednesday.

Filing a ‘Zero FIR’ against a person allegedly harassing a woman on a bus while they were travelling from Hyderabad to Bengaluru, was one of the achievements, he said. The district police received ABCD Awards for detecting some key murder cases and some national awards for leveraging technology in crime detection and prevention.

Putting out fire in the Government General Hospital in the shortest possible time was one of the examples of using ‘High Alert’ App and putting behind bars a fake certificates gang kingpin Glenn Bricks, nabbing Chattisgarh-based naxalite leaders transporting detonators on the highway, and rescuing a Hyderabad-based dentist from the clutches of kidnappers did us proud, he explained.

There were 24,636 calls to Dial 100 and all of them were attended and resolved in a reasonable time frame, with the first contact made within six to 7 minutes. Cricket betting could be curbed in a big way with 307 cases filed and 584 persons arrested, confiscating ₹34.87 crore compared to ₹10.97 crore last year (in 68 cases). Conviction saw a surge due to COVID-19 violations, but the general convictions came down due to lesser number of days of courts working or police not able to produce documents due to COVID-19 duties, Mr. Yesu Babu claimed.

Murders saw a slight reduction from 107 to 94, but attempt to murder went up from 199 to 200. The number of rape cases remained almost the same at 84. House breakings (225-191) and dacoities (5-0) saw a slight downtrend compared to last year. Anantapur Deputy Superintendent of Police G. Veeraraghava Reddy was present.

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