Harry Hamlin is getting ready for his off-broadway play, “One November Yankee,” and it looks like he’s on a first-name basis with Page Six.

“Ironically Page Six is a huge component of this play,” Hamlin, 68, told us Tuesday. “I mean, Page Six is almost another character in the play in fact. And tonight, when I do the show, I promised Page Six that I will say Page Six more often when I’m saying Page Six than I normally say Page Six cause I say Page Six all over the play.”

As for when it comes to his own reading habits, it seems he’s more of a fan when he’s at home in Beverly Hills.

“Do I read Page Six? I occasionally read Page Six when my wife Lisa Rinna passes it over to me and says, ‘You’ve gotta read this. This is crazy!’ She reads it every day.”

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