The first episode of the show  Unstoppable  of  Balakrishna and Power Star Pawan Kalyan created new records. More interest is growing on the second episode. In this, Pawan explained the circumstances that led to that saying that at one point he was ready to shoot his brother with a gun. Politically, he clarified his opinion on TDP and also announced his goal. Balakrishna focused on Pawan Kalyan’s personal and film life in the first episode of film-political fandom, but in the second episode, Balakrishna gave priority to political issues.

 Balayya questioned, Pawan Kalyan, who is admired by everyone as a power star in movies, is not converted into votes. In response to this, Pawan clarified that movie fandom is different and the voting is different. He said that movie fandom should not become a vote. He wants to work hard to get the same level of fame in politics. He said that it is necessary to stand in politics. He explained that miracles do not happen overnight. He  clarified that he is still in a position to earn trust. He said that building a party means building an ideology.

Balayya questioned, Why did you feel the need to start a new political party? Instead, you could have joined TDP? To which Pawan Kalyan replied, “I cannot get into any party and i cannot take my idea or idealogy to people if I join any other political party. There is no right political atmosphere for next generation. If I join an existing political party, I do not know how much I can take my idealogy to Public.”

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