In today’s competitive world, regular qualitative and quantitative assessment of students is crucial. Math and Science Olympiads, Talent and Language Tests are inevitable in the field of education.

Other than giving special coaching in competitive exams, the methodology should be integrated in normal teaching-learning process from the lower grades. The pressure on kids can be reduced by comprehensive learning. Activities and assignments can be prepared well in advance by teachers.

To equip our students, we have implemented an Integrated Workbook for classes 1 to 8 for all major subjects and languages where all the children practice logical reasoning, comprehension and mathematical skills which help to improve the IQ level. The teachers have incorporated different kinds of activities in the testing pattern.

The PSA method implemented by CBSE was fruitful to an extent. Unfortunately, it was taken off. Every school can still follow similar methods, apart from making the students to participate in authorised competitive exams.


Principal, MES International School, Pattambi

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