Bill aimed at total centralisation of power and authority

“The Centre’s proposed National Medical Commission Bill, 2017, is evidently aiming at total centralisation of power and authority and intends to make the regulator totally subservient,” noted a release issued by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) here on Monday.

IMA national president Ravi Wankhedkar, “The proposed Bill by virtue of its inclusions which are draconian in character and are totally aimed at centralising the entire authority in the hands of the Government of India, is not in public interest as well as is prejudicial to the medical education and profession as a whole.”

He added that the very reason the Bill was referred to a Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare, which upon hearing the various stakeholders, made several recommendations in order to make the proposed Bill meaningful and relevant.

“However, the Central government did not accept any of the recommendations made by the Parliamentary Standing Committee except for minor illusory and cosmetic changes, which in reality are of no avail,” he said.

“It is for these reasons IMA, with its total solidarity and unity, is committed to oppose the nefarious design of the Central government, in pushing through the National Medical Commission Bill. It has successfully resisted the might of the government for well over the past nine months and resolves with purpose, determination and direction to resist the same, come-what-may,” said IMA national president-elect Shantanu Sen.

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