My life’s purpose is to bring people of all faiths together, tweets former Congress president

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday quoted Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz to target the Narendra Modi government for pursuing “politics of division” and asserted that his life’s mission was to bring people of all faiths together.

“I agree. My life’s purpose is to bring people of all faiths together in this land,” Mr. Gandhi tweeted and tagged a news report on his Twitter handle, in which it mentioned that Professor Stiglitz advised the Modi government to get rid of its “politics of division”.

“I will start by trying to create an inclusive society. Politics of division is an antithesis of what needs to be done. Modi has tried to divide your country, Moslems against Hindus, and that is going to undermine your society and economy no matter what else happens. This fundamental division will weaken India forever,” the news report quoted Prof Stiglitz as saying in a webinar hosted by the business chamber, FICCI, on Tuesday.

In a separate tweet, the former Congress chief asked Mr. Modi to “ break his silence and face questions as the country wants to ask several questions”.

He also shared a video clip of his Monday’s press conference in Patiala, in which he targeted Mr. Modi over a range of issues: from the Prime Minister’s silence on Hathras gang rape incident to not speaking up against alleged Chinese occupation of Indian territory to ignoring early warnings about COVID-19‘s impact on India’s economy.

“Narendra Modi ji is only interested about his image,” Mr. Gandhi said in the clip posted by him.

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