Another step away from writing the history of Telugu cinema. It started as a multi-starrer.. it became a pan India movie.. then it became a global movie. It has now been nominated for an Oscar and has become the talk of the world. It is remarkable that an Indian film also got such an honor for a Telugu film. Now everyone is talking about this movie, and the note released by Rajamouli after this nomination is also being discussed.

The song ‘Natu Natu’ from the movie ‘RRR‘ has been nominated in the Best Original Song category as part of the 95th Oscar Awards. Apart from this, three other songs from other countries have also been nominated. The award ceremony will be held on March 13. On that day, we will know whether our ‘Natu Natu’ will get an award or not. But in the meantime, the team will have to travel abroad again. A lot of press meets, meetings and shows have to be done about the movie. In this background, a comment made by Rajamouli addressing Ram Charan and NTR is going viral.

“Ma Peddanna Keeravani got an Oscar nomination. I can’t ask for more. Now I am taking a ‘natu natu’ step faster than Tarak and Charan,” he commented. He also thanked the lyricist Chandra Bose and choreographer Prem Rakshit Master. “We created the song ‘Natu Natu’ inspired by the background music given by Kala Bhairava. Rajamouli tweeted, “Thank you Bhairi Babu for giving such a BGM”. He appreciated that Rahul’s voice enhanced the song even more.

Also, thank you to Karthikeya and the Walls and Trends team who worked so hard in making this song and movie,” said Rajamouli. Talking about Ram Charan and Tarak, “Tarak, Charan’s style is also the reason why this song has come so far, now it is getting a name and getting an award. They danced to win the hearts of the world. Sorry for the torture I put you through. But I will not hesitate to torture you once again,” Jakanna wrote in the post.

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