If celebrities take a holiday trip to a place like Maldives, then the fun is different.. Most of them get VVIP treatment, special packages.. discounts.. solid facilities.. all those things are not normal.. if they start to fall in love with the natural beauty of the place, it is not that fast.. that’s why we Star anchor Rashmi Gautam has settled in Maldives for a few days.

Small Screen Sensation Rashmi is always in the news.. If Amma is in TV shows, then the fans are different.. Sometimes she also shines on the silver screen. .. Rashmi, who always spends her spare time with shootings, is currently taking a break from professional life and enjoying her personal life.

The other day, a video of Kirak enjoying the beautiful sea weather and relaxing in a swimming pool in a bikini, was posted on Instagram and created a stir on social media. In a blue colored two piece bikini, blended with watercolor, she glistened like a mermaid in that wet beauty. Showing the love symbol with both hands while immersed in water, she also commented, “Once a water baby.. Always a water baby”.

And now some more beauty arrows.. That’s it.. She shared the photos.. The boys are going crazy after seeing the pictures given by Rashmi while admiring the beauty of nature. ‘Are you hiding all these beauties here all these years and then going there and feasting on the beauties?’ The latest Maldives pics posted by Rashmi are going viral. I don’t want to talk about likes and comments anymore..


A post shared by Rashmi Gautam (@rashmigautam)


A post shared by Rashmi Gautam (@rashmigautam)

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