Ordinary bus service

Of the hundreds of city buses in Madurai, only a few are ordinary service buses while the rest are ‘luxury buses’ with high fare. But 50% of the services in Chennai are ordinary. It is an irony that on seeing the poor condition of people in Madurai, Gandhiji started wearing only dhoti. The TNSTC Madurai division must increase the number of ordinary city bus services, as in Chennai, taking into account the large number of people belonging to the economically weaker sections in Madurai.

M. Saravanakumar,

Solai Azhagupuram

Tejas Express

That the Chennai-Madurai-Chennai Tejas Express is not running to full capacity is a known fact. The railway authorities should provide stoppages at Dindigul and Villupuram and remove the stoppage at Kodai Road. Villupuram is a transit point to reach Puducherry and the train service may be economically viable if these stoppages are provided.

C.A. Pradeep,


Stray animals

Cows and buffaloes roaming or lying down on the middle of the road has become a common scene in Madurai. These animals pose a threat to the safety of pedestrians and vehicle users. Moreover, this shows how irresponsible the owners of these domesticated animals are. One fails to understand why no action has been taken by the local body to impound these animals. Compounding this problem, one can see a lot of street dogs in all parts of the city. The authorities concerned must take action to address these issues.

S. Bala,

TVS Nagar

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