Renu Desai, the ex wife of Jana Sena Chief and the actor Power Star Pawan Kalyan is in the news headlines  but not for her upcoming work but with rumors that she has tested positive for coronavirus. Renu Desai has refuted the rumour  and confirmed that she has tested negative for Coronavirus.

Renu Desai took to social media  and shared a picture of her report.  By sharing this report, Renu Desai has confirmed that she has tested negative for coronavirus.

Johny and Badra actress Renu Desai said, “It’s a sincere request I have that please stop following and believing in the stupid web sites and Twitter handles. These stupid people only survive on the  lies and  the false news.  Please only believe in verified accounts of  the celebrities.  Don’t believe in unverified stupidity.

This is not just about me but all  the celebrities related news and information! We have our verified accounts to share information with you directly! These people only want to gather the followers by telling the lies about the celebrities and not do some sincere work like us.  Please Stop following these accounts and giving them  the business.”

Renu Desai is making a comeback to the acting field after a long gap with a web series.

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