Coronavirus scare is still looming large in the country. The other day news broke out that popular celebrity fashion designer Shilpa Reddy and her husband Preetham Reddy were tested positive. This sent down shivers to Tollywood circles as many celebrities share close relationships with them.

Since then there are rumors about Naga Chaitanya and Samantha. Akkineni fans are deeply worried about the condition of Akkineni Naga Chaitanya and Samantha who are extremely close to Shilpa Reddy. Even Nagarjuna share close bonding with her. Sources close to the Akkineni family shared that the couple is doing fine and are healthy.

Precautionary measures have been increased in Chaitanya’s house and they are implementing home quarantine now is what the source revealed. They are following all the COVID-19 guidelines. This news is a huge sigh of relief for the Akkineni fans. On top of that, both Shilpa Reddy and her husband are doing absolutely fine. It has further eased the situation.

Coming to the film’s front, Naga Chaitanya’s film Tuck Jagadish is in production and Samantha is yet to start her next project.

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