In a series of tweets, he also appealed to the film fraternity to speak up on the issue

Film-maker Ram Gopal Varma has posed a series of questions to I&PR and Cinematography Minister Perni Venkataramaiah (Nani) on the “ceiling” fixed on the price of cinema tickets by the State government.

Taking to the Twitter on Tuesday, Mr. Varma questioned, “What precisely is the role of the government in deciding the market price of any product, including films?”

“The government may intervene and fix a price below or above the equilibrium when there’s a dire shortage of an essential commodity like wheat, rice, kerosene oil. But how does that apply to films?” he wondered.

Mr. Varma further sought to know “why doesn’t the government subsidise cinema on the lines of healthcare and educational services if it feels it is essential for the poor?”

He also wanted to know if the Minister would consider creating ‘Ration Theatres’ on the lines of ration shops set up for distribution of rice and sugar.

‘Dual price system’

Offering a “dual price system” as a solution to the ongoing row, Mr. Varma said under the system the producers would sell tickets as per their price and the government would by some tickets and sell them to the poor at a lower price. This way, he said, “the producers will get their money and the government its votes.”

“I request you to understand that your government has been given the power to support from the bottom and not to sit on the top of our heads,” Mr. Varma said in his tweet.

Appealing to the film industry, Mr. Varma said, “It is not my request, but my demand to all my colleagues in the film industry to speak up on their true feelings about the ticket rates issue, because, if you do not speak now, you can never speak up later.”

Panel reconstituted

Meanwhile, the State government, in response to the appeals of the producers, distributors and exhibitors, reconstituted the committee to discuss the issues pertaining to the cinema ticket pricing.

The committee comprises representatives of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce, distributors, exhibitors, and cine-goers as members, along with government officials.

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