Adherence to COVID-appropriate behaviour is the only way to reduce impact of a third wave

The U.S. and much of Europe have demonstrated how high vaccination coverage can sharply reduce the number of deaths and even hospitalisation. For instance, with over 87% of the adult population vaccinated with one dose and over 67% with two doses in the U.K., there have been fewer hospitalisations and deaths despite spikes in cases. In the U.S., the case rise is largely in States with low vaccination coverage, and deaths mainly in the unvaccinated. Over 55% of the U.S. population has had one dose; 48% are fully vaccinated. This brings the focus back on increasing vaccination coverage and striving for global vaccine equity to prevent deaths and the emergence of deadlier variants. Ironically, the discussion in some countries is on a booster dose even while health-care workers in many African countries have not been fully vaccinated. Israel has begun giving booster shots to people with a compromised immune system, while the U.S. has ruled out booster shots for now. With several Indian States reporting vaccine shortages, strict adherence to COVID-appropriate behaviour even by the fully vaccinated is the only way to delay and reduce the impact of a third wave.

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