After a year, Tansi Nagar Welfare Association has resumed distribution of food to underprivileged people, and also conservancy workers. This time around, the Association offers the service with a nominal price. One of the reasons for resuming this service is that there is no Amma Unavugam nearby.

“At present, we are distributing a packet of four idlis with chutney and sambar for ₹5. We are providing only breakfast for the time being. The Association is running this initiative with the financial support provided by Tansi Nagar residents. Residents of VGP Selva Nagar, our neighbouring colony, are also supporting this cause financially. For his part, the caterer also reduced the price of an idli from ₹5 to ₹4. The idea behind fixing a nominal price for the food is that with some cost being borne, the service would have a longer run. As of now, we are planning to run this service for three months. Further, the cause is supported by residents on their birthdays and anniversaries by distributing food. On such occasions, food is given for free,” says M Balakrishnan, Association general-secretary.

“There are two Amma Unavugams in this area but they are both 1.5 km away from Tansi Nagar. Therefore, on an average, conservancy workers would spend ₹45 every day when they have food from private eateries. Hence this initiative,” says Balakrishnan.

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