Recently we reported that RX 100 producer Ashok Reddy went absconding after TV actress Sravani Kondapalli ended her life by committing suicide on 8th September. The SR Nagar Police collected some solid evidence about  the producer Ashok Reddy’s involvement in this suicide case.

But now the cop arrested Ashok Reddy today and he will be produced before the magistrate very soon. The other two accused Devaraj Reddy and Saikrishna Reddy are already in police custody. They are in judicial remand currently.

According to the latest report, on Monday, Ashok Reddy informed the police that he would come to the SR Nagar police station but in the last minute he switched off his cell phone. However, on Wednesday, he came to the police station along with his advocate and surrendered to the cop, who arrested him later.

The  police filed an FIR against the three prime accused on Tuesday and arrested  TikToker Devaraj Reddy and Sai Kumar Reddy  but the police served a notice to the producer Ashok Reddy, who went absconding instead of visiting the police station.  However, the police arrested the RX 100 producer Ashok Reddy on Wednesday morning and started grilling him. The statement of RX 100 producer will be recorded soon. He is said to have been in touch with  the actress Sravani Kondapalli since 2017.

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