A video on Erravalli village which is going under Mallannasagar is becoming popular

Leaving home or native place is very difficult as most people have a physical and emotional attachment to their homes. The attachment is stronger and more visible in rural areas than in urban environment.

The emotional bonds are not only with the place but also with the fellow residents who address each other as kin — Anna or Tammudu (brother), Bava or Bavamaridi (brother-in-law), Mama (uncle), Tata or Maama (grandparents) — and the exceptions being the occasional visitors who maybe called by their name.

When it is very difficult and heart breaking for an individual to leave such relationships and leave the village is heart breaking, how can it be easy when the entire village has to be evacuated. No one knows where the other person would be and where they will settle down. The bigger question that haunts everyone is employment, there is no assurance of even getting labour work.

Pouring out the sorrow and angst of the villagers being displaced by the natives of Erravalli village in Kondapaka mandal, which would be totally submerged under the Mallannasagar, a song video was captured by a resident of the village Bhaskar Perla. Incidentally the village falls in Gajwel constituency represented by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

“I have grown up in the village and lived in it all along. Now my heart become heavy while leaving the village. The tank in our neighbourhood and the dappu (a traditional percussion instrument) in the hand of a villager are asking me how I am vacating the village. The village loves us very much like our mother and father and showers the same affection. Even the animals in our village treat us fondly. We are filled with joy when swimming in agriculture well, going to fields and plucking fruits without informing mother. I forget all my problems when I return to the village from any place,” go the lyrics of the 12.11 minute song ‘Mana Village Erravally’ written by P. Nagaraju. In the video produced by Vinay Kumar the entire village was covered and the team made sure that they did not miss any nook or cranny.

“Our village is totally disturbed and going to submerge in Mallannasagar. The house we have built, the walls and the path we walked are coming to mind and my heart becomes heavy. The land has been acquired forcibly and we are being sent away from our village. Can not the Chief Minister speak with those losing their lands and do justice?” asks the singer and music composer Indrajit.

The team that produced the video is from Siddipet and surrounding areas and Bhaskar is from Erravalli village. The song is so impressive that it had more than 200 views within 15 hours of being uploaded on the net. The video can be accessed at https://youtu.be/fiB9JRqwjy0

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