For reliable data on various fields

The government has decided to set up a Statistical Commission to provide reliable and timely data on agriculture, industry, infrastructure and finance while planning for development projects.

The Cabinet on Wednesday decided to appoint P.C. Mohanan as chairman of the new commission. Mr. Mohanan is former acting chairman of the National Statistical Commission. Former Director, Economics and Statistics Meera Sahib will be the full-time member of the commission while Head of the Department, Indian Statistics Institute, Bengaluru, Madhura Swaminathan and Faculty, National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad, V. Surjit Vikraman will be part-time members.

A pressnote issued by the Chief Minister’s office said the decision to set up the commission was triggered by the lack of timely and precise data on the State’s domestic revenue, the quantum of investment, consumer spending and the State’s utilisation of revenue. This, it said, was affecting policy formulation and analysis.

The meeting also approved the draft memorandum of understanding and Article of Association for two special purpose vehicles to be created for the Life Science Park and Electronic Hardware Park.

New posting

V.R. Premkumar who was shifted from the post of Survey Director has been appointed Director, Industries and Commerce. P.M. Ali Asgarh Pasha will be the new chairman and managing director, Supplyco.

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