His victim stole cash and silver items to meet demands for money

A minor who was allegedly being blackmailed by a 21-year-old student stole silver items from his father’s shop and cash from his parents to raise ₹12 lakh. The blackmailer, identified as Vishwanath, is a first-year student of philosophy in Bangalore University. He allegedly hacked into the boy’s Instagram account and retrieved private photos. “He then started threatening to upload them online and demanded ₹12 lakh from the boy,” said a police officer.

The complainant is a first-year pre-university student of a private college. Last April, Vishwanath, who was an acquaintance, accessed his mobile phone and got his hands on the photos. From April 2018 to February 2019, the boy stole money from his house and 4.5 kg of silver articles, which he handed over to Vishwanath, the police officer added.

When his father realised that he couldn’t account for the cash and silver items, he started questioning members of his family. The boy confessed to the theft and told his parents about the blackmailing by an older student. He claimed that Vishwanath was demanding more money.

His family approached the Rajajinagar police and filed a complaint. The police laid a trap and arrested Vishwanath, a resident of Varthur, on Thursday after he met the boy to collect another instalment of cash. He has been charged for blackmail and extortion, and remanded in judicial custody, the police said.

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