Junior artiste Sunitha Boya has been alleging that producer Bunny Vasu cheated her for a long time. On Thursday night, Sunitha Boya staged a n…de dharna in front of the Geetha Arts office.  It was heard that the police sent her away. 

She has been alleging that Bunny  Vasu cheated her and used her physically by saying that she would get opportunities in films.  She staged a dharna at the Chamber along with the Arts Office.  In past Sunita Boya filed a case against Bunny  Vasu vas but the court dismissed the case due to lack of proper evidence. Moreover, the court ruled that Sunitha’ mental condition was not good and ordered her to be under the care of psychiatrists for some years. After the court verdict, Sunitha Boya, who was silent for many days, once again staged a dharna in front of Geeta Arts office. As she went nu.. e, it , which became a topic of discussion in the film industry.

 According to Sunitha Boya, Bunny is still harassing her. She revealed that due to his harassment and attacks, her health condition has deteriorated and his nerves have become weak. She alleged that Bunny Vasu tried to kill her four times.  She added that she  was struggling to meet her monthly expenses and demanded justice from Bunny Vasu.

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