What you need:

A balloon





What to do:

1. Inflate the balloon. Do not tie up its mouth. Instead, stick the mouth down on the balloon using tape. You can also use a clip or a clamp to temporarily hold the mouth closed.

2. Stick the straw lengthwise on top of the balloon.

3. Now thread the string through the straw. Tie up the ends of the string to two pieces of furniture across the room. Make sure the string is stretched tight.

4. Hold the balloon at one end of the string-line and release its mouth.

What happens:

The balloon zooms off like a rocket!

According to one of Newton’s three laws of motion, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The air escaping the balloon propels it in the opposite direction. This thrust continues until the balloon is empty of air.

Once you have the hang of the zipping balloon, you can have races with your friends. Hang separate balloons on separate strings and see whose balloon makes it to the finish line first!

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