The Puttur Police arrested three women from Davangere in a case of theft of a pair of gold earrings, weighing 50.242 grams and valued at ₹2.6 lakh, in a jewellery store on September 1.

The police gave the names of the arrested persons as Bibijan, Husain Bi and Jaitumbi.

According to a complaint, the accused came to Jose Alukkas store in Hindustan Complex and hoodwinked salesperson in believing that the gold ornaments they had brought for pledging to be of antique value and took away the pair of gold earrings. They gave fake address to the salesperson. The salesperson later checked the pledged gold ornaments only to find that it weighed only 3.065 grams and worth ₹13,400.

Following the complaint, a team of Puttur Town Police traced the accused and arrested them. The police recovered the pair of earrings that the accused had taken away.

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