People with type A blood could be more at risk of being bitten by a tick, including bugs that cause the potentially fatal Lyme disease, a study says.

Ticks are blood-sucking parasites, often found in woodlands, carrying a host of bacteria.

In the study, researchers from the Masaryk University in Czech Republic, dropped a tiny sample of blood from types A, B, AB and O onto a sterile layer of filter paper on a Petri dish in the lab.

An Ixodes ricinus tick or a “sheep tick”, was placed in the dish and scientists tracked its movements for two minutes.

The results revealed that the ticks preferred type A blood 36 per cent of the time, while 15 per cent of the parasites gravitated towards blood type B, the Daily Mail reported.

“The study demonstrated that blood group might be one of the factors determining the feeding preferences of Ixodes ricinus ticks,” lead researcher Alena Zakovska, from the varsity, was quoted as saying.

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