Meat shop owners are found operating on their streets defying the ban imposed on the operations of meat and fish shops during the lockdown period till April 14.

Several social workers have called this as ‘a dangerous situation’ in the wake of health officials’ caution on the spread of novel coronavirus disease (COVID0-19).

After imposing lockdown for 21 days, the district administration had allowed vegetable markets at three places of Ambur town. Agriculture Department had opened a farmers’ market and municipality had been operating seven mobile vehicles to sell vegetables the doorsteps.

Despite regulations, the crowd management was poorly managed in fish and mutton shops and several shops were ordered to be closed by officials last week.

A social worker from Ambur said several meat shops operated in Umaer Road and Old Palar bridge area and the crowd surged on these shops.

Tirupattur police and revenue officials were working in full swing on this news and violators would be punished, according to the provisions of the law, said a revenue officer.

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