They are being rejuvenated under kudimaramathu scheme

Marungikulam and Avarankulam, which had been in a state of neglect for many years in the drought-prone Marungapuri taluk in Tiruchi district, are being rejuvenated under kudimaramathu scheme.

The Marungikulam tank situated in Azhagapuri has an ayacut of about 82.83 hectares on record, and its inlet and irrigation channels have been heavily silted up, rendering them practically out of shape to carry water for irrigation. The tank bunds have been eroded and damaged at several places.

Farmers in the ayacut areas, who have long been demanding the desilting of the canal, have made good use of the kudimaramathu scheme. The tank and its canals are now being renovated at a cost of ₹24 lakh under the scheme. Apart from strengthening the bunds of the tank, the inlet and distribution channels and their sluices are being renovated.

According to Collector S. Sivarasu, who inspected the tank on Friday, the tank bunds which run for a length of 1.4 km have been freshly surveyed and marked with boundary stones. Inlet channels for a length of about 1.3 km are being cleared of silt and concrete lining is being provided on distribution channels for a length of 45 metres.

Another tank in Marungapuri taluk, the Avarankulam in Yagapuram village, is also being desilted under the kudimaramathu scheme at a cost of ₹19.50 lakh. Thetank, with an ayacut of 43.79 hectares, has also been in a state of neglect for long. The tank bund, which runs for a length of 1.2 km, is being strengthened. Inlet channels for a length of 1.3 km and a couple of sluices are also being renovated.

All the works would be completed by the month-end, Mr.Sivarasu said, triggering hopes among farmers that the current spell of rains would bring in some good inflow to the tank.

R. Dhayalakumar, Assistant Executive Engineer, Public Works Department, Ariyar Division, accompanied the Collector.

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