Water has been leaking for many days now in Dindigul


B. Lakshmi, a resident of Kakkan Nagar, collects water in a plastic pot from a leaking pipeline. Though one of the main pipelines of the Cauvery Combined Water Scheme passes through the area, pipe connections are yet to be given to the residents of Kakkan Nagar.

“On top of it, the pipeline has burst and the water has been leaking for many days now. We are making use of the leak for the time being because we have not been given pipe connections,” she claimed.

Residents in certain areas of Dindigul like Bharathi Hostel Road, Bodinayakkanpatti, Xavier Street, Nagal Pudur, NVGB Hall Road and Sourashtra Colony have been complaining of leakage and slow water flow in the pipes.

“Leakages have been reported repeatedly in many places in ward 30. The reason for leakage is pipe bursts due to heavy pressure of water that’s pumped from the tank in Round Road to the tank in Sandhai Road. We have been requesting that the water supply be instead regulated street-wise with valves,” said R. Vijayakumar, former councillor of ward 30.

He added that the Corporation has been supplying water through valves in areas like R.M. Colony, where VIPs reside.

“R.M. Colony is where the houses of politicians are located. So, the corporation is supplying water street-wise. The same, if extended to other areas, will ensure that all parts of the town get water. Right now, the water being pumped from Sandhai Road tank doesn’t reach far off areas like Sirumalai Shed, Thevar Street and Indira Nagar,” he claimed.

Residents have also been complaining that the main pipeline and house pipe connections have not been laid in several areas, despite applications. “We pay a deposit of ₹10,000 apart from a centage charge of ₹7,000. It has been six months and we have still not got connection,” said A. Rajendran, a resident of Sirumalai Samipuram.

G. Balachandran, Municipal Engineer, said that problem would be looked into and rectified as soon as possible.

“We stopped street-wise water supply using valves to ensure an equitable water supply to all. The delay in giving connections and laying pipelines was due to the elections. Now, tenders have been called for and work orders have been given and soon everyone who has applied will get water connection,” he added.

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