Residents of Thiruninravur seek one for the locality, which has a lone bus service in 54A; they now depend on the terminus in Avadi

Thirunindravur is a one-bus town. A lone bus service 54A that is being operated from the locality, plies between Thirunindravur and Poonamalle, doing four trips every day, on an average. The first trip is operated at 5 a.m., and the last at 9.55 p.m. After the day is done, the bus halts at the Poonamallee bus depot.

As Thirunindravur has many densely-populated neighbourhoods, which include Periyar Nagar, Muththamizh Nagar, Swadeshi Nagar and the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board (TNSCB) housing quarters, and having just one bus service is pathetically short of what is required.

Residents of the locality have sought bus services to various other parts of the city, including Tambaram, Broadway, Adyar, T. Nagar, CMBT, Koyambedu and Mylapore.

“Without any share autos and small buses, we have to rely on regular autorickshaws to reach nearby areas like Pattabiram and the panchayat office (Thirunindravur), which is located across the rail line,” says K. Rajesh, a resident of Thirunindravur.

Introduced more than two decades ago, the lone bus 54A halts at an open space along the railway station in Thirunindravur with bus commuters waiting beside a row of petty shops to board the bus every day.

The existing train services from the town is overcrowded as all suburban trains that pass through Thirunindravur come from Tiruvallur and Arakkonam where most of the residents rely on train services to reach the city. As a result, most of the commuters in Thirunindravur prefer to travel to Avadi, which is around around 10 km from the neighbourhood, by train or by the this bus service. From Avadi, they take another bus to reach other parts of the city, and this adds to the congestion at the bus terminus in Avadi .

Most of the residents in the town are farmers and transportation of their produce including vegetables, fruits and greens to the Koyambedu wholesale market remains the challenge, in the absence of a special bus service for this purpose.

Now, they head to Avadi where buses are operated to CMBT, Koyambedu.

Due to the transportation issue, some farmers in the town sell their produce at cheap rates at the nearest markets in Avadi, Pattabiram and Tiruvallur.

MTC officials say identification of space for the bus terminus is a challenge as the existing space near the railway station not adequate for the construction of a bus terminus.

On the other hand, relocation of the existing temporary bus terminus near the railway station to an interior part of the town will result in hardship for commuters. Further, the town is prone to inundation during monsoon as it is located on a low-lying area along the big lake.

“Steps will be taken towards introduction of more bus services and construction of a bus terminus,” says an MTC official.

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