The Delhi Congress on Monday questioned the Delhi Government on keeping the schools shut due to bad air quality while allowing construction sites, which are a major cause of dust pollution, to resume operations even as the air continues to remain in the “very poor” category.

Delhi Congress chief Ch. Anil Kumar said due to the nexus of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the Environmental Minister with the builder mafia, the Delhi Government allowed resumption of construction activities in the city, and there is no relief from severe air pollution to Delhiites.

“It is beyond logic that while the schools remain locked, affecting the physical classes of students, construction activities have been allowed to resume, though Delhi’s dangerous air pollution is not going to vanish any time soon, in the absence of effective, urgent plans by the Delhi Government to control it,” Mr. Kumar said.

The Delhi Congress said that the Kejriwal Government has no logical plans to address the air quality issue and is resorting to populist measures like the “Red Lights On, Gaadi Off” campaign that serves no purpose other than giving publicity to the Chief Minister at the expense of the public exchequer.

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