A former security guard, Battini Venkateswarlu, 52, was allegedly done to death by his wife Kusuma, 34, while he was asleep on Tuesday night.

I Town circle inspector Prathap Reddy said that they had taken her into custody and were interrogating her.

The police said according to Kusuma, her husband used to suspect her fidelity and torture her every day. Vexed by his repeated accusations and torture, she committed the crime.

Kusuma hit Venkateswarlu on the head with a wooden pestle leading to his instantaneous death.

The police have registered a case and an autopsy of the body was done.

The couple has two daughters. The son of a retired Mandal Parishad Development Officer, Mr. Venkateswarlu was not employed anywhere and so was Kusuma. They used to live on the interest from the MPDO’s retirement benefits, the police said.

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