The Border Security Force (BSF) in Shillong has decided to train two Indian dog breeds for patrolling in the border areas, and if the experiment is successful, it would deploy some more breeds.

Two Indian dogs breed, Rajapalaya and Mudhol, are being trained for use on a trial basis at present.

“We currently have two breeds of Indian dogs, Rajapalayam and Mudhol which we are training to use on a trial basis,” said senior veterinarian of BSF Meghalaya.

“As soon as the training will be completed, these dogs will be introduced to the field for patrolling activities at the border area,” he added.

The senior veterinarian said that if the trial will be successful, other Indian dog breeds will also be trained as military dogs. The training process of the dogs will take at least a year.

“Not only the BSF but the Indian Army also is preparing to include Indian dog breeds in the force,” he said.

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