Some say that wisdom is accumulated as one ages, which is why often grandparents make for the best advice-givers. Now, here’s a 98-year-old woman who is exemplifying that notion and grabbing netizens’ attention with her adorable smile as well as some precious advice she has for the younger generation. Chances are you’ll also nod in agreement to the priceless lesson.

Shared on the subreddit ‘Made Me Smile’, the post features 98-year-old Helen. “More Helens needed,” reads the caption shared alongside the photo. The image shows Helen sitting on a chair with a white-board. Along with her name and age, the board also contains her advice for the younger generation-“Be nice to everyone”.

Take a look at the post:

Shared on January 4, the post has garnered over 1,800 upvotes and tons of positive comments from netizens. While some agreed to Helen’s advice, others expressed how the advice is apt for every age group and for every generation.

“An advice for every generation,” wrote a Reddit user. “Her smile is the cutest one I’ve ever seen,” gushed another. “We will make you proud Helen,” commented a third.

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