Thanks to modern issues such as poor nutrition, high stress levels, high levels of radiation from devices and gadgets, poor quality sleep, high ambient noise levels, and chemicals and pesticides in foods, men are increasingly suffering from fertility issues.

Ayurvedic medicine deals with infertility by detoxification and dosha cleansing. It prescribes herbs to reduce stress, build immunity, and rejuvenate the core tissues and dhatus. Such deep nourishment helps the body make healthy and vital sperm.

Here is a quick rundown of Ayurvedic wisdom on this issue:

Cleansing deep tissues: Most of the toxins and chemicals we are exposed to are deposited in the body’s deeper tissues and fat. This bio chemical imbalance has an adverse reaction on sperm. So, try to eat pesticide free foods and do a detox every month. During detox, avoid smoking and tobacco, and use herbs like triphala for bowel regulation. If you have secondary infertility, herbs like gokshura and guduchi help to clear the channels for sperm movement.

Managing stress and anxiety: Stress and anxiety not only reduce quality of life, but also reduce the quality of sperm. Nadi shodhen pranayama helps balance the air flow between the two nostrils, thereby bringing balance to the mind. Another very effective breathing technique is brahmbari (bumble bee breathing), which helps the mind release stress. A herb called brahmi helps calm the nerves.

From HT Brunch, July 15, 2018

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