Barely a day after she had accomplished her long cherished dream of seeing her only, ageing son settle down with his new bride , Septugenarian Sheela Devi, resident of Bihar’s Bhabua town came across the biggest shocker of her life when her newly-wed daughter-in-law fled away on the first night of her marriage.

The absconding bride, Sangeeta Kumari, in her mid twenties – exact age could not be verified – also took away all the ornaments, cash of Rs. 20,000 meant for reception besides few other valuables. The woe betide duo of mother and son are now blaming one of their relative couple for cheating them by proposing and facilitating the marriage with a fraudster woman. The matter has now reached the police, who said, they were investigating the case.

The incident occurred on the intervening night of Monday-Tuesday, but it came to light on Friday after the victimised mother-son duo approached police for help.

Police said, the absconding bride, Sangeeta , a parentless girl lived with her relatives, who were looking for a match for her. Sheela Devi was also looking for a match for her son Pankaj Kumar alias Pintu, 40, but was not getting one. When Sheela’s relative, Rinku Prasad and his wife, Sunita Devi came to know about her desperation to get her son married soonest, they mediated and approached her with Sangeeta’s proposal. The wedding was instantly finalised.

On Monday, at a simple ceremony held in a temple located on the outskirts of Bhabua, Pankaj and Sangeeta exchanged garlands and took wedding vows.

Around 5 pm, the newly wed couple were home. Sheela Devi was delighted like never before. As night approached, Sangeeta refused to share room with her husband claiming she was menstruating. She was shifted to a separate room.

Tuesday morning, the entire family came in for a shocker when they found Sangeeta missing. The news soon spread in the locality pushing the entire family into embarrassment. Sheela Devi squarely blamed relative couple, Rinku and Sunita for deceiving them under a well planned conspiracy.

A biradari panchayat was soon where Rinku and Sunita were summoned. Both denied any conspiracy in mediating for the wedding and assured to bring back the bride with ornaments and cash, but the assurance failed as Sangeeta could not be traced.

Bhabua police station SHO, Satyendra Ram said, on the basis information provided by Sheela Devi and her son, they have lodged a case against the absconding bride besides Rinku and Sunita.

Shedding tears, a morose Sheela told police that she was very poor and had taken loan to make arrangements for her son’s wedding with only hope to see him settle down in the life with his new bride. “.. but the frauds have ruined our lives,” she said.

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