One particular animal rescue story is winning netizens’ hearts after being shared on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Facebook page. The tremendous tale involves a handsome buck, a hammock, and a happy ending – all thanks to the officials who spent a lot of time tracking the animal and untangling the hammock from its antlers. Here’s exactly what happened.

“This handsome buck was lured too close to a hammock and other life-threatening human hazards by Fair Oaks residents who were feeding it illegally. It took weeks to capture the skittish buck to free it from the entanglement,” reads the text shared alongside a picture of the animal. The buck can be seen sitting, staring right at the camera. The animal’s usually awe-inspiring antlers are almost hidden under the stuff entangled on them. Take a look at the post here:

Since being shared on Facebook, wildlife officials’ fruitful efforts have met with a lot of praise. The post accumulated almost 100 reactions and many shares.

Here are some comments that people left under the post. One person said, “Nicely done”.

Another individual wrote, “Good job… it kind of looks like he just got back from Burning Man”. “Good job!” read another comment under the share.

David Mollel, an environmental scientist with the department, said that they had to tranquillise the animal to remove the hammock, reports After the buck was free, they also removed the antlers to protect it from poachers. But not to worry, the antlers will grow back in spring. The officials released the animal into the wild.

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