Be it brain-teasers, spot the difference, or find the hidden objects, if you have been using social media for long, chances are you’ve seen the various puzzle posts. These are also the shares that engage people in the laborious yet fun process of finding the answers. Probably that is the reason these posts end up creating a buzz. Just like these puzzle tweets by Rajasthan Tourism. In the posts, they asked people to guess the name of the places, located in the state, using pictures as clues.

“When in Rajasthan, one cannot miss out on this wildlife paradise,” they tweeted. In the post, they also added a hint that reads, “It is world-renowned for its mighty tigers.”

For this question, most people answered Ranthambore National Park.

In another post, the tourism department asked about a place in Jaipur. “One cannot miss this place when in Jaipur. Hint: It is linked to the founder of Jaipur. Can you guess it?” they shared.

Statue Circle is the answer that most people shared.

“Can you name this famous tourist spot in Udaipur?” they asked in yet another post. Of course, they also added a hint.

Take a look at the tweet to see if you can guess the correct answer.

Tweeple were quick to share answer to this question too. Most wrote Gulab Bagh while replying.

What are your answers?

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