Nagesh Golshetty, State general secretary of North Karnataka Horata Samiti, has accused Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy of instigating people to seek statehood for North Karnataka by saying he was “doing extra work” for Central Karnataka as the people of that region had voted for his party in more numbers.

Addressing presspersons here on Friday, he said that such statements are not expected from a Chief Minister as he should treat every district the same way whether it voted for him or not.

Justifying the need for statehood for North Karnataka, he said that the demand is being made to get justice and ensure development of the region and not to break the State into two.

“We are making it very clear that our objective is not to divide the State. We are only seeking statehood for the region for ensuring its development and we don’t think there is anything wrong in that,” he said.

He said that post-Independence, the country had had only a few States but for smoother administration, more States were carved out subsequently. In this context only, the samiti is seeking statehood for North Karnataka, he said.

Mr. Golshetty said that a unified Karnataka was needed in the past to protect culture and language, but today things are different. “We should now think in pragmatic terms and not emotionally; thus statehood for North Karnataka is required for ensuring its development,” he asserted.

He said that if Davangere district had been made the State capital in the past itself, then it would not have created much problem for the people of North Karnataka region as the district geographically falls closer to the region. Bengaluru has proved to be too far for the people of North Karnataka, he said.

He said that in support of their demand for statehood for North Karnataka, as it had happened in the case of Telangana State, the samiti has called for a bandh in 13 districts of the region on August 2.

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